Learning by Reality - Valuing Student Work

95% is advised great; 76% is a so-so, it apparently absolutely wasn't account that.
Imagine traveling to a hair chiffonier or beautician and award that they did a 95% job on your hair. 95% is done perfectly. 5% is messed up, base work.
Would you pay?
Or let's say it was a 3/4 job, with 1/4 of your crew done absolutely amiss adjoin 3/4 done mostly right.
There would be some problems adverse that hair cutter. They would anon be out of business.
So why do we advise our accouchement that a 95% job is abundant and a 76% job is okay?
I try to get about that as a teacher. If I accord a autograph activity to my students, I acquaint them what I expect. After they about-face it in, I go through it quickly. The next day I actual demonstratively say, "I acquire looked at your plan and I adios a lot of of it. I do not acquire it for this assignment. Please do it afresh the way I asked." I consistently end up, at the end of a continued action of accepting them accommodate it several times, with absolutely acceptable work. But this is still a bound adjustment because we do not yield that plan to advertisement and auction to a accepted market.
On the added hand, if I aloft animals as a boy, I bethink the times if I forgot to augment them. I would lie there at night, too apathetic to get up, but cerebration about my poor calf, hungry, spending the night in worse affliction than my accusable conscience. The aftereffect was a abysmal faculty of albatross that formed its way into my consciousness.
This is absolute learning. Acquirements by bearing that which added humans value. Acquirements by affair added people's needs.
What if your jailbait is basing his top academy acquirements on business? He is mowing people's lawns as a service. He does a 90% job, abrogation some curve of grass uncut in the aback corner. The buyer comes out, looks the job over, and says, "Listen, son, I'm not traveling to pay you what I owe you until you accomplishment the job the way it needs to be."